Friday, 22 March 2013

Snow and sickness bugs

It seems to have been a busy few days with the twins as they have both been poorly and Tilly is still suffering with a tummy bug. It is horrible to see them so unhappy and not themselves, she has been so cuddly and sleepy which is nice for Mummy cuddles but not nice for her to be feeling poorly. We are hoping that she wakes up more herself tomorrow. But then it looks like we may be snowed in anyway! What is with this weather, I am so sick of it! It is officially meant to be spring for goodness sake!! Where is the sunshine?!

I haven't actually taken any outfit photos for a few days with one thing and another I just never seemed to get chance. On Wednesday we went into town as Jonny wanted to get some new clothes. We both went to H&M and he found tonnes of fab stuff and it was all such great prices. We decided this is our favourite shop! I have always loved it but he seems to have been converted. They are so good for children's clothes as well. 

I have taken the photos off the H&M website to show you. I can't find the striped skirt that I got for the bargain price of £3.99 so I took some photos when I tried it on earlier, I really like the idea of it but am not sure what to style it with? It didn't work with the t-shirt I tried on with it today and I think it needs tights or bare legs, not leggings as they seemed too chunky.

Two of the pieces that I picked up were from the Conscious Collection, I love their new range with jungle prints all over. I decided on a blouse and scarf. I love both but am undecided about the blouse as I grabbed it at the last minute and didn't try it on. When I tried it at home it is massive. By the time I manage to get back to town I imagine they will have sold out. I will try it again and see if it works with a vest underneath. The scarf has a great print and is huge. They were both a bargain at £9.99.

I also picked up these fab, but very tight!, jeans for £19.99 and these great chinos in green and beige at £14.99. All in all a very good day. I could have bought loads of things. Here is the link for the fabulous collection, I have my eye on plenty more...!

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