Monday, 25 March 2013

The last week

This week marks my last week of maternity leave and I am feeling a little bit strange, going back to work doesn't seem real at the minute and I am very worried I will have forgotten everything. Having said that, being off for a year doesn't seem like it's happened either and in a way it feels like I've just had a fortnight off on holiday!

Nothing exciting to blog about today in all honesty. I have been to the dentist to make sure I get use of my maternity exemption card before it expires! We are all happy to be feeling better after a week of sickness ending in me having this dreaded sickness bug over the weekend.

For todays outfit I decided to wear my new H&M jeans and boy are they skinny! I could barely get them off my ankles when I got changed this evening. They are pretty comfy though, I'll see how they go after a few wears and maybe look into another colour. I think the light blue will be nice for the summer if we ever get one.

I also wore a white t-shirt from The White Company and a chunky knit moss green cardigan from Ralph Lauren. I actually got both of these items from Bicester Village last summer. I put on my old grey ankle boots from Next which I had forgotten about until I found them hiding in the bottom of my wardrobe yesterday. 

Speaking of Bicester Village, I have requested a 'birthday trip' there soon but was swiftly told 'no way!' how mean, I am working on it though...

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