Friday, 15 March 2013

Special occasion sparkles

Today has felt like a really long and busy day and we have been all over the place. This morning we went to get a helium balloon for the twins to give my Dad as it is his birthday today! Yay, Happy Birthday to my lovely Dad, he really is the best Dad and Grandad that we could hope for and is always there for us so we thought he deserved a balloon! And the twins loved it.

I decided to wear my sparkly new top today that I picked up for £2.25 from the Sue Ryder charity shop, what an amazing bargain and I really love it. Do you find that you save your nice things for 'best' and end up rarely wearing them? I do that all the time and then wish that I'd worn or used them more. Not that this top can fall into this category at that price ha,ha but as it is technically an evening top it got me thinking. I really should try to wear my nicer things more often and not save them as well as trying to mix up my clothes so I don't save things for the evening etc. Lets face it, the only place I go in the evening these days is the gym!

Todays photo will give you a sneak peak of the vintage dress I referred to the other day. I am trying to find a replacement button for it as one is missing. I tried the dress on again and am really pleased with it. I think I will wear it with a statement necklace and some coloured shoes.

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