Thursday, 7 March 2013

Spinning around

As you read this please be aware that this may well be my last post on Sarah Style, I cannot see how I can make it through the night...tonight Jonny and I have been spinning and I am dying, literally, dying. Ok, ok, maybe it's not that bad but I am really going to be in trouble tomorrow. And, I can't relax, oh no, I have those two pesky twins to tun around after all day! And I have Pilates in the morning. What am I doing?! And I've checked my pedometer and I've walked 11 miles today. Really, it is no wonder my body is packing up is it? I mean, even the spinning instructor told me how it is tonight. He was asking for our names and there were 4 Sarah's so he asked our year of birth, a couple were 1986/1988 and one was 1978 or something so he exclaimed how old she was! When I said 1981 he said 'oh, another old one then!' I mean really! I am only flipping 31!

Moving on, whilst my fingers still function and I'm not so old I've lost my eye sight. Today we had a few errands to run and so we got dressed and walked into the town. It seems to have turned really cold again today so I put on my denim skirt which I had ages ago from Gap, my Matalan brogues, a leopard print cardigan from Tkmaxx and a top from H&M. This top has been hanging in my wardrobe since at least last summer, never worn. I always look at it and pass it over so I decided it was about time it got some wear. I actually really liked it and love the sparkly collar which is attached so no need for a necklace. At the time I so nearly went for the black version and have often wished I had thinking I would have worn it more but with the summer coming it will be nice with some beige chinos I think.

Lastly, what about this little monkey for a style icon! His Daddy actually dressed him today and this was by far my favourite of all his outfits. He has on a t-shirt with a crocodile and fabulous green chinos which just look ace!!

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