Tuesday, 16 April 2013

First birthday fun

Finally we are starting to see some signs of spring arriving and so I decided to crack out some of my summer clothes. We were meeting our baby group friends for a get together to celebrate all the babies first birthdays. I was lucky enough to meet a lovely group of friends at a baby massage course when the twins were a few weeks old, we have stayed in touch and meet up often. We were talking yesterday about how it has been nice to have each other for support over the months as there is someone in exactly the same position as you and feeling the same way about each stage you and your babies go through. I was already very fortunate to already have that support from my family and friends and even more so to have some fab new friends! I can't believe all our babies are turning one with the twins being the last in May.

I wore my H&M cropped trousers which I have in this green and a beige too, they were a bargain at £14.99. I also wore some fab new green trainers from Gap which I had my eye on and snapped up in the sale for £19.99 the other day. I took the twins for a walk around Attenborough Nature Reserve as well so wanted to be comfy. I wore an old Boden hoody and a navy and white striped t-shirt from John Lewis.

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