Friday, 5 April 2013

Still no spring

Well as you all know this week saw my return to work after a year off with the twins. I have only done two shifts and really still have to find my feet again after so long off. I am grateful that my shift were so welcoming to me and I was well looked after at home as well. I have to say that I have been utterly  exhausted this week and think that I will be for sometime yet as we all settle into our new routine. 

We haven't really done too much since being off again, yesterday I went to the Bottle Kiln with my friend. I wore my floral Fat Face shirt, Fat Face jumper and H&M jeans. It was bitterly cold and I am thoroughly fed up with this weather, it is well into April and about time we saw some lovely spring sunshine!

Today we went for a nice spring walk with my Mum and Aunt, ha,ha, I wish, again it was freezing cold! I wore a shirt that I got a couple of weeks ago from H&M, it has little parrots and monkeys all over it and is really cute. I also wore a yellow cardigan that I had a good while back from Tesco but haven't ever worn. I am not too sure about it but my sister thought it was nice so I'll give it another try. I also wore my Matalan jeans. I am still really loving my new hair, I am so glad I had it cut.

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