Sunday, 5 May 2013

Wedding weekend

This Saturday we were lucky enough to spend the day at Jonny's cousins wedding near Liverpool. It was a beautiful day and we got very excited when we saw the sea. Living in very landlocked Nottingham this is a big deal for us! I have to admit that Jonny saw it first and started beeping the horn in excitement, yes, we really are that sad!

I was undecided about what to wear and in the last week or so decided to order a dress I had seen in Next as it was such a bargain at £35 and looked really nice. I went for the bright orange colour and am really pleased I got it as it is lovely. I wore it with the little cream jacket I have posted a few times on here from Matalan and the nude heels I had for my birthday. 

I also wore my chunky gold cuffs and a thin gold necklace which I think I had when I was Christened but it seemed to sit well with the neckline of the dress. My watch is a vintage gold one I got from a vintage fair a couple of years ago and I only tend to wear for special occasions. I used my nude leather bag which I had a few years ago from the limited collection at M&S and seem to get out for all occasions as it goes with anything!

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