Wednesday, 23 October 2013

60's style

The twins and I went back to town this morning to take back and swap things from Monday! I decided to wear a dress that I have not worn before from Chinti and Parker. It is different to, in my head anyway although as I type it I'm wondering if it actually is?!, other things in my wardrobe and so I gave it an outing. It doesn't need anything else to go with it accessories wise so I teamed it with my little brown Office boots and fabulously huge Zara shopper.

I went back into Primark, for my sins, although it wasn't too busy. I was tempted with this cute skirt, it has reindeers on and following my last post we know how I feel about them! But I decided that I was too old and I didn't really need and skirt AND leggings with them on. I did however, pick up this cute tartan dress which I fear may be too short when I try it on again properly but maybe with some thick tights it can work.

Before I go to watch Gogglebox (how funny!) I just have to comment on the twins in these photos! This is what my mornings look like!

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