Saturday, 26 October 2013

Day trip

On Thursday the twins and I had a lovely day out with my Mum, sister and Aunt. We went to a little place past Melbourne called Staunton Harrold or something similar! Excuse me if that is totally the wrong name! It had a courtyard area where you could sit out and have some lunch, as it was such a lovely sunny day we took advantage of the Autumn sunshine and did just that. It was great as it was safe for the twins to run around which they loved and there were plenty of people with dogs which pleased them!

There were all little gift shops around the sides which we wandered in and out, picked up some lovely fresh bread and just pottered around. There was a giant chess board to play as well which kept the twins entertained moving all the pieces around.

I decided to wear a new skirt which I got recently from White Stuff. It has little foxes all over! I wore it with a co-odinating t shirt from Primark and leopard print tights which I am really not too sure about?! I also wore my tan boots and a greeny coloured gilet for warmth although I barely needed it.

I have to say, I cannot recommend these tops from Primark enough. I have a few colours and they wash and tumble dry fantastically and the best bit is they are only £3.50! I seem to spend a lot of tim trying different t shirts and never really find one I like but these are up there! Much better than the Gap one I had to return after one wash and tumble dry and it had shrunk!

The last photo is a little corner of the courtyard, don't you wish your garden was a lovely as this!?

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