Friday, 1 November 2013

Starring Matilda

My post tonight is actually from yesterday but I have not had time to sit down and sort it until now. I took the twins into town for a John Lewis lunch and some shopping, we actually managed to pick up a couple of Christmas presents. As it didn't start with the ridiculous rain until today I decided to go with my fluffy gilet and new boots. The boots are really for Christmas but hey, I needed them now! I have 'ummmed' and 'aaahed' over them for the past few weeks as I felt they were quite expensive but finally decided to order them. Even when they came I have still spent the past few days debating if to keep them or not. I guess the decision is made now! But I really like them.

I wore some trousers which I have had from Boden for months but have yet to wear them. They are almost a legging but thicker and they seem to work well with boots. I also wore a jumper from Banana Republic and a Next white vest. I have to say this was a really comfy and easy outfit to wear with the twins but looked quite smart as well. Ooh, how could I almost forget my lovely ring from Primark!

I just had to include this lovely photo of Tilly in the mirror, how sweet. I love how the twins are always hovering in the background when I'm getting ready.

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