Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Going for gold...and green...

In a bid to try and wear different things hanging in my wardrobe I opted for this Whistles dress that I had from the summer sale but had yet to wear. On impulse and before I'd picked out the dress, I put on these green tights. I am sure they will make some of you think of Robin Hood (Neil - cuz mean you here ha, ha!). But they are a change from the norm so there you have it.

The dress is so comfy, I can see this becoming one of my favourites throughout the winter. An easy 'go to' piece and feels quite warm too. I decided to dress it with my chunky gold necklace I had last winter from NW3 at Hobbs and these amazing bargain boots from Ebay. They were bnwt and cost me 99p! They are from Office and, again, I can see me getting some wear out of these this winter.

On a slightly different note, I was discussing my blog last night with hubby and saying how I want to improve it but don't really know how. The site that I use, Blogger, is good for exactly that but I really need a website. I have no idea how to start with this? I think you can pay someone to help set it all up for you but does anyone know anymore? I think a website would be easier to run and look better. I can then add links and other things to it such as my Facebook site. Any advice would be very much appreciated! Please feel free to comment on here or contact me on Facebook.

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