Sunday, 10 November 2013

A little bit of Christmas shopping

As Jonny and I are both off work today, at the same time and I'm not on a nightshift or sleeping off a nightshift (miracle!) we decided to make a bit of a start on our Christmas shopping for the twins. We have decided not to go mad on them this year, they are spoilt rotten all year round and, lets face it, they are still too young to know what is going on. We have bought them some Thomas the Tank engine bits and twin dolls along with a few little bits and pieces. 

I dragged a reluctant Jonny into Primark and picked up some bargain high tops for £4! I have been wanting a pair for a while but was unsure if I would actually wear them but at that price it was worth a try! They had them in every colour you can think of but settled on a burgundy pair.

I decided to brighten things up today and wore a bright pink skirt from Zara with a black polo neck from Boden and some coloured beads that I think were a birthday present from my Mum. I wore them with my leopard print pumps.

There are the last photos you will see in the old and tired hallway with the lovely wood chip paper as tomorrow we decorate! Well, the decorator decorates and we try to stay out the way for a week!

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