Thursday, 7 November 2013


Aah my second favourite time of the day, after bedtime, nap time! I have put the twins to bed for a little nap and sat down with a much needed cuppa and the hope to get through an episode of Gogglebox! Have you seen it? It sounds strange, watching a tv programme about people watching tv programmes! Weird, maybe - addictive, yes! If you've not seen it then give it a whirl.

I am currently mid way through my block of 4 days at work so haven't been doing too much exciting. Earlier in the week we went down to Fosse Park at Leicester as I had a 30% off at Gap voucher. I'm sure I've said it before but I really love Gap. I always seem to see things that I like and I always know that they will fit me. Maybe I should avoid it! On this occasion I picked up a shift style navy dress and natural coloured cardigan. 

I wore a striped lycra skirt from H&M with a denim shirt and white t-shirt that I picked up last time I had 30% off at Gap. I have been living in my new boots as well, I know that they are meant to be for Christmas but I can't stop wearing them! They go with everything!

I got a text a couple of days ago saying that I can upgrade my phone so today popped into town to sort it. Turns out, they were lying to me and I can't upgrade until tomorrow! That was a waste of a day! I wore some leggings from Zara which I really love, they are a lovely thick fabric. I also wore a cream jumper from Banana Republic and a Next vest, oh and the boots of course!

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