Saturday, 2 November 2013

School days

Today has seemed like another one of those days where I have barely stopped until the twins have gone to bed, well, that is pretty much everyday! (I'll get it in now, before my shift do, unless I'm at work ha,ha) Anyway, this morning was spend boringly doing some housework. Isn't it amazing how you never realise how dirty things were until you clean them?! I have then been for a nice run around Wollaton Park which was practically deserted mid morning. I know it was colder but hardly really and it's only going to get worse!

This afternoon we were visiting my family as my cousin was here for her birthday. I wore a dress that I got last week from Primark. I was really pleased with it until I was told I looked like a school girl, possibly off Home and Away. Great. Thanks guys! I however, am really liking the tartan look and think it went well with a navy cardigan from Banana Republic which I love. I really like the big white collar and, it is not clear from the photos but there is a cute black ribbon tie at the neck as well.

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