Tuesday, 21 January 2014

All checked out

I am not sure if I have mentioned before but I like to collate pictures and clippings from magazines of outfits, articles and pictures that inspire me to wear, buy or try different things. My sister laughingly referred to this as a 'look book' and it is not by any means as fancy or detailed (or similar in anyway actually) to the one they have at Vogue! But I guess, essentially, that is what it is. It is a pink folder with plastic wallets in that I put my torn out ideas into. Sometimes I look back and think 'really?' at some of the things and it changes through the seasons but it is a good basis for flicking through and getting inspiration. 

My biggest problem dressing day to day is that all I really do is twin related activities which will involve kneeling on the floor, climbing up something at soft play or the park, paint and food. All of these are messy! And I need to dress relatively practically so I spend most of my time in jeans. Until I had the twins I  rarely wore jeans or trousers but now I seem to rarely wear skirts and dresses which is a shame but I guess my circumstances are different. 

As we were off to soft play again today I needed jeans! I had a quick browse through my book and found an outfit fairly similar to today's and decided to work with it. I have used brighter colours though as I am enjoying colour at the moment. The jeans are Boden bargain half price skinnys and the Gap shirt is quite old and from the outlet. My belt is a really old Boden number. I also wore my grey and white spotty converse which look cute with these jeans.


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