Monday, 20 January 2014


Aah a little sit down for a few mins before I am off to my favourite hour of the week at yoga. I'm sure I am the same as the other mums out there who feels like you don't get a minute to sit down all day! With two 20 month old Toddlers to look after that is certainly the case here! I love my weekly yoga when I manage to get there around shifts. I had never tried it before having the twins and can thoroughly recommend it, I think it is as effective form of exercise as any other, it really helps tone and stretch you and combined with other things I can really see a different to my body. 

Today we did have a lovely morning at soft pay with my lovely friends I met at baby massage. I am really lucky to have met and stayed in touch with such a great group and it is fab seeing our little lovelies grow up together. Today saw the introduction of the newest member too, a new baby!! I thought twins were hard enough work, never mind a toddler and a new born!

I decided to wear my fab bright pink jeans as they really brighten a dull day, teamed them with a classic navy and white striped gap t shirt and some bargain boots from Office that I picked up off eBay for 99p! I admit that I took this necklace off before venturing to soft lay, I'm not sure the two mix!

I hope you are all enjoying the return of the blog, I have already had some lovely comments which inspire me to keep it up! And a little extra, who can resist the gorgeous George in the second to last shot?!

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