Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Personal best

Today I decided to change my running routine and headed to Attenborough nature reserve. I usually do my standard run around Wollaton park as it is literally on the doorstep but I fancied a change and was over that way so thought why not. It was a lovely running day, cold but as soon as you get going lovely and crisp. I much prefer running in the winter than summer for this reason. I had a fantastic run today and beat my usual times. I normally hover around the 11 minute mile but today all were under 10 minutes and one 9minutes 33 seconds, simple things but I have been really chuffed all day!

Aside from my running gear that I had on half the day I also wore this outfit. My Boden skinny leg utility trousers that have had mixed reviews on the website but I love. I have them in the khaki green and this navy and wear them all of the time. They are so versatile and practical (when did practical become so important...?!?) I also have on a bright yellow jumper from Uniglo and a couple of gold necklaces that I am not sure where I got them? But I think they look cute together!

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